Scott Powell - Piano Arrangements/Original Works

Welcome, and thanks for coming! Make yourself at home, and feel free to browse through the music.

1. Scott playing his boogie woogie piece, "Folk Jivin'"

2. Actual TV promo - Scott's music in background (Listen closely!)

3. Performing "Ragtime Wedding."

4. Clips of baby bluebirds in nest - music is " Idyll", an original piano composition.

Scott Powell is an Atlanta-area composer, and piano teacher with over 20 years experience.  His music has been used in a sitcom promo on ABC. He and his wife, Michelle, currently reside in Loganville Georgia.

Scott's influences are wide-ranging, and include Chopin, Debussy, and traditional jazz.

Most beautiful music ever written: Rachmaninoff's piano concerto no. 2, second movement